Epoxy resin has become a favorite medium for creative projects amongst artists today. Its adaptable properties make it the ideal medium to create stunning and glossy three-dimensional pieces of art to captivate an audience. 

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Epoxy resin อีพ็อกซี่เรซิ่น is an easy medium to work with, and best of all it won’t take long and is incredibly easy to get creative with. Epoxy is an easy, three part mixture (you just mix equal parts from each container) that once cured, will be how it stays for years.

The best part about epoxy resin is its ability to naturally preserve and gives a glossy, clear finish providing a wonderfully professional touch to your artwork. With epoxy resin creative options are wide and various. Flowers, glitter sand or even pinecones and birds feathers can be encapsulated with the epoxy resin to create visually breathtaking pieces that will continue to instill a sense of amazement of the piece. Epoxy is also a great bonding medium you can use to build your art with; you can achieve a lot of layers with the epoxy for a relatively high strength finish. Resin designs give a multidimensional kind of look when compared to a standard two-dimensional project. The shine adds a nice finishing touch to any project. In fact, it looks better than what you get with many other mediums.

Epoxy resin art can give your surface that special touch! The material goes far beyond just being a great 3D medium, it has some practical capabilities too. It can be curved easily into any shape and also last for long without the issue of yellowing. Anyone can use epoxy resin!

Epoxy Resin as a Painting Medium.

Epoxy is a great option for surfaces you plan to pour on. Because it’s self-leveling, you’ll get a perfect mirror-like, high gloss finish over surfaces and artwork. Epoxy is perfect for bar tops and tables.

Epoxy Resin in Sculptural Art.

Resin is a great casting product for whatever your need is whether you are a professional or beginner. It works great and has a great shelf life and even better life in your installments. Epoxy resin is a very durable material that will last a long time to come in your set. It can be applied by using a lot of different tools like a glass knife, stainless-steel scraper, straw to give an unusual texture etc. this is because it is a self-leveling.

Epoxy Resin in Sculptural Art.

The epoxy resin can make anything. Coasters, trays, jewelry, key chains, you name it; the possibilities are endless! When using epoxy resin, you can’t mess up!

Epoxy Resin in Mixed Media Art.

In the Resin Art Workshop, you will explore a variety of techniques with pouring resins onto different substrates including canvas, wood panels, box estates and other mixed media jewelry materials. The use of layers and mixing color techniques can give your artwork a sense of depth and realism with minimum effort!

Epoxy Resin as a Preservation Medium.

You can cast anything you like. Now you can easily, and economically mold everything or anything you need. Here are several items you can create using epoxy resin: Inclusions – Coins – Insects – Rocks – Sea Shells. Wedding & Business Florists & Wedding Planners here’s a beautiful way to artistically preserve wedding bouquets, flowers from a wedding back-drop, beautiful flowers you’ve grown in your garden.

Environmental Considerations and Safety.

First and major, it’s far continually crucial to work correctly when coping with any of those chemical substances. Make sure you’re in a well-ventilated vicinity whilst pouring and making the compound. Make certain you’ve got a mask on while heating the compound if you want to now not breathe in fumes that may come up with a headache. Don’t get any of these chemicals on your skin as many of them can cause hazardous conditions and or lead to other medical issues later on.


Today, the epoxy resin appeals not only to the hobbyist, but also to the artist. Surprisingly, there are many renowned local artists that are constantly pushing the boundaries of this highly versatile material. The reason being how versatile it really is. It spans everywhere from cultural to construction in its uses, and should not be limited to just that. What any artist, maker or creator decides to use this product for is only limited by their imagination, and creativity. What we will tell you is that the imagination is the only limitation out there, and then arises the immune epoxy resin to the art industry. How do you use epoxy in your art?

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